Dogs We Bred


Royal Majesty King Shepherds - Indiana

Highland Mist King Shepherds- Southeast Pennsylvania

Castle O'Cuinn King Shepherds - Southeast Pennsylvania

Great Lakes King Shepherds - Michigan

Clubs & Associations

American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)

The Rarities Inc. & North American Kennel Club

Health & Training

All of our breeding dogs have their hips evaluated through the the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP).  The PennHIP evaluation assesses the quality of the dog's hips and quantitatively measures the hip joint laxity. Click PennHIP for more information.

We feed our dogs a variety if dry and canned food.  We try to feed only a "grain free" diet.  The foods we use are Evo dry and can, Fromm dry and Evangers can.  These foods consist of little to no grains, are high in protein and contain primarily only meat and vegetables. 

We provide our dogs with supplements, including Fresh Factors, vitamin C, a multi-vitamin and vitamin E.  You can read about some of the supplements at  Springtime (Fresh Factors).

Paws-itive Experience Pet Services, LLC (training)

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